Sunday 7 September 2014

Jet -The Greedy Alpaca

Jet is a lovely Alpaca who is completely in love with food.  She's always the first to the feeding troughs and is always pushing to the front to be hand fed.  I noticed the last few evenings that the hen food feeder had been tipped over and all the feed had been eaten.  I wondered what or who it was that could be knocking it over, well yesterday morning I realised exactly who it was......  I had fed the Alpaca and the hens and went inside for some breakfast, I watched to see Jet walk around to the hen food, I didn't see her knock the feeder over but went to check and sure enough, she was eating the hen food after knocking over the feeder.

This morning I moved the feeder under the hen shelter (pic below) and this was jet trying to work out how she was going to get her fill !   She was looking for ages before finally giving up....... 


  1. Yep, some 'pacas will do anything to get at more food - we have several boys like that! Must be in the Ardo genes. Shirley & Robbie

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