Wednesday 28 May 2014

Eden Valley Alpacas, First Shearing Experience

The first picture below is Blanche being Sheared for the first time at Eden Valley Alpacas.  Lets just say she didn't enjoy anything about the process!  

When the shearer turned up just as the light was fading, we weren't sure what to expect.  The two guys were very efficient and had obviously got their routine fine tuned.  They worked very well together and after setting up their trailer they proceeded to manhandle our girls one at a time onto the shearing board which was resting on the back the trailer as seen in the picture.  The legs were restrained and the shearing/toe clipping commenced.   

There was quite a lot of spitting going on but we managed to escape unscathed.  Jet was quite calm throughout the ordeal but Bonita and Blanche were clearly not happy at all.

Below are the girls this morning, looking very different, we now have over 5kg of Alpaca fleece to sort out and as we're new to the whole business I'm trying to find out what's the best thing - any advice would be welcome.


  1. Shearing time can be a bit of a worrying time for 'pacas and owners but they soon get over it as you will have noticed. Re fleece: you will probably have the different colours in different bags, also the 1st cut separate from the seconds. I use the 1st cut for spinning and the second cut for felting. Good luck! Shirley & Robbie

  2. Yes, it was quite a traumatic process for them. Jet was very calm throughout but Bonita and Blanche were spitting in protest.

    We have the fleece split exactly as you've described and we're thinking of trying to sell it on e-bay but haven't decided yet.

    Would be good to cover some of the costs of the shearing.

    We're now just waiting for the first Cria to arrive!

    Best Wishes