Saturday 8 March 2014

The Hens move in!

The hen house is now in the field behind the Alpaca Shelter

Today we moved the hens from our back garden into the field, we wanted them to have a much wider area to roam because their pen had become very muddy due to the rain this winter.  The Alpacas seem to be scared of them.  We hear that they are good at keeping foxes away so we hope they understand what their new role is.  We are just hoping that they know where home is tonight when it gets dark........

Our Alpacas, Jet, Blanche and Bonita are settling in well, we moved them into the 'other' side of the field this week and they've enjoyed exploring.  They are closer to our house and our neighbors.  They seem to like watching what's going on.

They're enjoying the recent sunshine and are often caught rolling around, something that is quite funny to watch.


  1. Bonita's boys like nothing better than to sit down in their paddock and watch the neighbors telly through the window !

  2. Never heard of an Alpaca watching the TV before. Can just imagine it though, they are so curious.

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