Thursday 6 February 2014


Today we had our very first alpaca escape, when Jet managed to get on the wrong side of the field.

The field we keep the alpacas in is split in half, and the alpacas are in one side. We left the gate separating the two halves open, while we went to check they were okay before going back inside. Only Jet spotted the open gate, and sprinted out.

To get her back in, first we tried herding her with our bodies. That really didn't work. Then we tried a bucket of food. That worked a little better, but still she wouldn't come too close to us. Next we went to get a long stretch of rope, to try and herd her in. She kept trying to come under the rope! But eventually we got her back through the gate.

I think we learnt our lesson - Always close gates!

By the way, Jet is fine, only every time someone is near the gate she'll run over to you. I guess she wants to go to the other side again!


  1. Alpacas are brilliant at spotting an open gate. Great when you want them to move fields, not so great the rest of the time!

    1. That's true! At least we'll have no trouble moving Jet to the other side, she seems to always be watching the gate, waiting for it to be open again.