Thursday, 6 February 2014


Today we had our very first alpaca escape, when Jet managed to get on the wrong side of the field.

The field we keep the alpacas in is split in half, and the alpacas are in one side. We left the gate separating the two halves open, while we went to check they were okay before going back inside. Only Jet spotted the open gate, and sprinted out.

To get her back in, first we tried herding her with our bodies. That really didn't work. Then we tried a bucket of food. That worked a little better, but still she wouldn't come too close to us. Next we went to get a long stretch of rope, to try and herd her in. She kept trying to come under the rope! But eventually we got her back through the gate.

I think we learnt our lesson - Always close gates!

By the way, Jet is fine, only every time someone is near the gate she'll run over to you. I guess she wants to go to the other side again!

Monday, 3 February 2014


Today, we had exciting new arrivals into the family - Alpacas! We own 3, Bozedown Bonita, Bozedown Blanche and Ardo Jet, from Beck Brow Alpacas.

They arrived this morning, and after shepherding them into the field with rope, they started to take in their new field.

Bozedown Blanche, standing guard.
Blanche seemed to step into the role of matriarch, watching over the others whilst they feed and explore. Once she had gone into the field shelter, the others were happy enough to follow.
Bozedown Bonita posing for the camera.

But she does look a bit confused here! 

Bonita loves her carrots! It took her a while to eat out of our hands, but once she did, she was fine around us. She's really quite sweet, and calm, and seems to like Jet a lot.

Ardo Jet, looking very cute.
Jet didn't look fussed at all about the move! She was the first to eat a carrot out of your hand, and didn't mind you going near her. It seemed that Jet was following Bonita around tonight; when we went out tonight to check they were okay, they were lying right next to each other. When you go to hand feed another alpaca Jet will come over and catch you off guard, sticking her head in the bucket!

Hopefully they'll be more settled tomorrow, after spending another day with us!

Eden Alpacas